White Collar Fraud & Recovery

In tough economic times, the purveyors of fraud become exposed. Whether as a result of a Ponzi scheme in the likes of Bernie Madoff, Sean Mueller, William G. Hoover, Jr. or Shawn Merriman, these perpetrators take thousands, millions, and even billions of dollars from their victims. Other fraud schemes can disguise themselves in a corporate veil such as Enron and WorldCom. Fraud, corruption and greed are used to con unsuspecting friends, family members and associates.

We have extensive experience in representing trustees who attempt to recover money for investors who were duped by a fraudulent scheme. We have also represented the unsuspecting targets of fraud in an effort to preserve their remaining financial assets as they struggle through their sometime staggering economic losses.

A Representative Case

In one case, a client had a substantial portion of their life savings stolen by a Ponzi schemer. We helped the person through the difficult financial times, including dealing with the claims process with the court appointed receiver, working with the police and other agencies to bring the perpetrator to justice, and developing strategies for protecting them and their assets from future schemes.